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Ten players were able to enter the scorer list, the top scorer being Ivan Perišić with six goals, who also scored the decisive 1-0 for qualification in the last game. In total, the two coaches used 26 players, of whom only Ivan Rakitić and Danijel Subašić, who had replaced record goalkeeper Stipe Pletikosa, who retired after the World Cup, as first-choice goalkeeper, played in all ten games. It contained ten songs and debuted at number 164 on the US Billboard 200, where it stayed for a week. In the FIFA world rankings, the Croatians, who fell in 16th place after the World Cup preliminary round, were not able to improve during the qualification, they even dropped three places. Under his successor Ante Čačić, they managed to secure second place with two wins in the last two games. In two campaigns up to 1283 he conquered Wales, which had been largely autonomous until then. The Kingdom of Italy also had several non-European colonies, protectorates, puppet states and militarily occupied areas such as Italian Eritrea (gradually occupied from 1882, combined into a colony in 1890), Italian Somaliland (gradually occupied from 1888, initially there was indirect rule), Italian Libya (acquired by the Ottoman Empire in 1911 and united in 1934 after the reconquest of Libya), Antalya and environs (occupied from 1919 to 1923), Ethiopia (occupied from 1936 to 1941 and part of Italian East Africa), Albania (from 1917 to 1920 and again by 1939-1943), British Somaliland (occupied from 1940-1941 and annexed to Italian East Africa), the Hellenic State (occupied from 1941-1943, de facto protectorate (see History of Greece), the Independent State of Croatia (Italian Stato Indipendente di Croazia) (Italian protectorate from 1941 to 1943, occupied together with Hitler's Germany), Kosovo (partItalian Albania from 1941), the Independent State of Montenegro (Italian Stato Indipendente del Montenegro) occupied from 1941 to 1943, protectorate) and a small 46 hectare concession in the Chinese city of Tianjin.

Otto's older brother, Karl's uncle Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Este, was heir to the throne from 1896 until his assassination in 1914. Also not to be forgotten are strikers Hector Scarone and Héctor Castro, mexico jersy who continued to score for Uruguay despite losing his right hand. In addition, there have always been matches with the national team of Serbia-Montenegro, against which the team often did poorly, and even after the collapse of these two republics, the individual national teams of Serbia and Montenegro are always strong opponents. That is why there is a Quetzalcoatl (translated: "Quetzal snake" or "luminous tail feather snake") in the neck area: A typical representation from Aztec mythology, which is firmly anchored in Mexican culture. In this context, the manufacturer advertised itself with a photo showing two players and the national coach smiling out of the open bus window, and the slogan "From victory to victory with Magirus-Deutz". The Croatian team played two test matches immediately before the European Championship : On May 25, they played against Estonia (3:1) in Rijeka and against Norway (1:1) in Oslo on June 2. Shortly before the European Championship, national coach Slaven Bilić announced his resignation after the European Championship.

They gave up the lead with a 0-0 draw in Azerbaijan and a 2-0 defeat in Norway, after which Kovač was sacked. Like the Italians, they won their first three games, then drew 1-1 away in Italy and then took the lead with a 5-1 win against Norway as Italy only managed 2-2 in Bulgaria. In the first game against Italy, Ivica Olić earned his 100th international cap and Darijo Srna his 125th cap in the last qualifier. Mario Mandžukić also scored three goals, while Marko Pjaca made it 1-0 with his first international goal. Best scorers were Eduardo and Mario Mandžukić and each with three goals. In 2009, 57% of the visitors came from Spain, 40% were French. Although they had scored the most goals in the group and conceded the fewest, four points behind the Italians they finished second but still qualified, while the Norwegians fell in the third-place play-offs. Goalkeeper Stipe Pletikosa was also nominated for the EM 2004, but dropped out due to injury. The women determined the cup winner for the first time in 1990 and, like the men, play it out in a pure knockout system.

At the World Cup in Melbourne in 2007, after extra time, the selection was able to defeat precisely this opponent in the final. The team beat Serbia in the semi-finals and beat Italy in the final. As the Croatians then played against Italy, which ended 1-1, with a swastika engraved on the pitch, UEFA deducted the point from the Croatians. On March 23, the Croatians met Israel, who failed to qualify for the EURO, in Osijek and won 2-0, followed three days later by a 1-1 draw against EURO participants Hungary in Budapest. Shortly before the European Championship, they won friendlies on May 27 in Koprivnica against Macedonia 1-0 and on May 4June against San Marino in Rijeka 10-0 – the Croatians' highest international victory so far. After qualifying, the Croatians won 3-1 in Rostov-on-Don on November 17 against EURO participants Russia. The new Emperor – Charles I The new Emperor Charles I had to take over the throne in the midst of the turmoil of World War I and found himself in a political and social situation that indicated that the end of the monarchy was near. The final squad was announced on May 31.

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