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Free photo group of best friends spending time in front of tvThe treaty was in principle in force until 1777, but was not complied with in many parts. However, it did not take long for the king to determine that the newly discovered areas were south of the Canary Islands and, according to the Treaty of Alcaçovas, belonged to Portugal. The first explorer to set these pillars was Diogo Cão, who discovered the mouth of the Congo in 1482. To avoid the lulls in the Gulf of Guinea, da Gama sailed south along the mid-Atlantic instead of along the African coast, before turning east and reaching the South African coast in early November. Thereupon Mussolini ordered the "pirate submarine" operation. The operation, which lasted until September 10, 1937, included a total of 59 submarine missions throughout the Mediterranean, the use of cruisers and destroyers to blockade the Strait of Sicily, and the sinking of a Soviet freighter off the Algerian coast by two Italian torpedo boats.

On June 10, 1499, the first ship from da Gama's fleet reached Lisbon, Vasco da Gama did not return home until September due to the illness of his brother Paulo, where he was received with great honor. Vasco da Gama called the country Terra da Boa Gente (Land of the Good People) because of the friendly inhabitants. Given his side's placement in the previous league, Villafaña also featured in the 2014/15 CONCACAF Champions League, which the Timbers started by qualifying for the group stage. It continued to Melinde, past Mombasa, a little later the São Rafael had to be given up because the team had been decimated too much by illness. The same happened to Fort São João Baptista d'Ajudá, occupied by Dahomey in 1961. In order to stop the flight from the GDR to the Federal Republic, on August 13, 1961, the GDR government sealed off the western sectors of Berlin by building the Berlin Wall. The Portuguese-Ethiopian military alliance aimed at stopping Islam in Africa never came about, but de Covilhã had already sent his travel reports from Cairo to Lisbon.

In the national fan shop section you will find almost all jerseys of the German clubs from the DFL Bundesliga, 2nd Bundesliga, but also 3rd division with clubs like 1.FC Kaiserslautern or 1860 Munich. In addition, the shirt number was also flocked in small format onto the front of the jersey, previously only the shorts were marked with the number. The squadron anchored on May 20, 1498 in the small port town of Capocate north of Calicut. In another journey he visited the port city of Hormuz. made reproaches when Columbus stopped in Lisbon in 1493 on the way back from his first voyage and reported on his discovery. Bartolomeu Dias traveled to the Cape Verde Islands as an advisor. Three years later, Bartolomeu Dias finally circumnavigated the Cape of Good Hope and drove to the Groot-Visrivier River in what is now East South Africa. Only after several attempts was it possible to circumnavigate the Cape of Good Hope on November 22nd and da Gama landed in Angra de São Braz (Mossel Bay) on November 25th, where he set up a Padrão and gave up the supply ship. In addition, there was the successful journey of Diogo Cão, which gave hope for an early circumnavigation of Africa. In 1485 Diogo Cão had presumably come as far as Walvis Bay in Namibia on a second voyage.

Football Game in Argentina - Racing Club de AvellanedaIt is assumed today that the Portuguese king was informed about the cold, poor country in the west from the secret journey of Corte-Real in 1473 and therefore did not consider it worthwhile to explore it. Near Goa, de Almeida landed in India and built a fort and trading post in friendly Cannanore. In principle, his task was anyway only to explore the route from Groot-Vis to Sofala, because the route from the East African trading city to Goa in India was already one of the busiest seafaring routes and was served by Arab traders. A commercial treaty was concluded with the Samorim (ruler) of Calicut, but when, after a few incidents with Arab traders, sentiment gradually turned against the Portuguese, they left the city at the end of August. The Portuguese found support in Melinde (Malindi), a trading town a little further north that was in competition with Mombasa. De Payva separated from his companions to travel directly to Ethiopia, but disappeared on the way, while de Covilhã traveled to Aden and on to India's Malabar coast, to the trading city of Sofala in present-day Mozambique, and eventually to Madagascar. Sofala was missed in the further voyage, but on January 22nd they reached the mouth of the Zambezi, where another padrão was built.

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